Culicitree Publications

The publications below were authored by Culicitree team members and are related to mosquito evolution, genomics, or systematics.

Justi, S., Soghigian, J., Pecor, D.B., Caicedo-Quiroga, L., Rutvisuttinunt, W., Li, T., Stevens, L., Dorn, P.L., Wiegmann B., and Linton Y.M. 2021. From e-voucher to genomic data: Preserving archive specimens as demonstrated with medically important mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) and kissing bugs (Hemiptera: Reduviidae). PloS ONE, 16(2): e0247068. (PDF)

Soghigian, J., Gloria-Soria, A., Robert, V., Le Goff, G., Failloux, A.B., Powell, J. F., 2020. Genetic Diversity of Aedes aegypti and Close Relatives: Evidence for the origin of the Aegypti Group in the southwestern Indian Ocean. Molecular Ecology, 29 (19), 3593-3606. (PDF)